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UFT HS Executive Board October 24, 2016

Secretary Schoor welcomes us.

Approval of Minutes—accepted, seconded

President’s Report

Mulgrew is not here 6:04

Staff Director’s Report—not here either


David Garcia Rosen
MORE—Last week we brought up a very important resolution about the mass incarceration of people of color in the USA. I think the only valid point against it was that many people in this room had not seen the movie yet. I am hopeful that many more people in this room have seen the movie. We heard some moving speeches against the resolution that were draped in language that implied we share a common understanding that this union must take action. I would like to hear an update about what our leaders, who I’d hoped would be seated on the dais but are not yet, propose we do to address the continued enslavement of people of color by the United States of America.

Secretary—will refer to proper people when they arrive. Resolution was tabled. Asks Leroy Barr, who has just arrived. Garcia Rosen repeats.

Leroy Barr—Says no one spoke against it, it was tabled. Says there were other questions, conversation needs to be had, we will have it and come up with a plan. Says concepts and film are part of it. Says he leaves it to future conversations.

DGH—What happened here this week?

Sec—You’ve gotten as much of an update as you’re going to get tonight. You will get an update.

6:10 Mulgrew arrives—Says we’ve already passed resolutions, worked in coalitions, says we pushed AFT to make stronger resolution nationally. Says it’s coalition building and work that we do. After presidential race will become one of the biggest topic, candidates talk about it in very different ways. We questioned Sanders and Clinton and Malloy about this with AFT Exec. Board.

Hoping for positive outcome in pres. race. Thanks phone banks. Doesn’t want people taking for granted. PA is very important. Thanks to bus volunteers. PA had better response than FL. We are pushing FL and NC. We always believed we could win with ground game. We have it in place, Trump does not.

Curriculum survey—1000 schools responded. We are doing well in general performance, but everyone needs support, PD aligned to curriculum. Teachers shouldn’t do curriculum maps or scope and sequence. Leaders do that. Our system doing as well as rest of state, but we need this for next step. Thanks CLs, DRs. We specifically put this and paperwork in last contract. Paperwork complaints have good results. Praises parent conferences. 6:15 Mulgrew leaves.

Leroy Barr

Pushes teacher union day. Mentions middle school luncheon. Says we will give away coats and winter wear, asks we share items. November 19th. Next DA November 9th, EB November 14th.

Questions continues:

Marcus McArthurMORE—Asks about civil rights and how union organizes around it. Heard there was coalition building and money to support different candidates. Last week Seattle TU work Black Lives Matter shirts. Interested in hearing if there’s any public demonstrations of support that we will be making. What about Civll and Human rights task force? Do we still have one and can we bring it back?

Sec—No such plans now. What do you mean task force?

MM—Asking about the task force he believed was formed in 2007.

Sec. says we will check on that.

MM—if we aren’t planning to do anything…

Sec—Don’t say that—This union takes second place to no one…

MM—If we aren’t doing anything visible is there a reason why?

Leroy Barr—we do have a social justice committee. AFT formed a civil and human rights task force, had a recommendation and a resolution. We are part of the AFT. I will copy it for you. We spoke to the issue. There is no protest at this point like wearing BLM shirt. Doesn’t mean we don’t take a position. Doesn’t mean we haven’t got partners on civill and human rights. We do take positions, voted on and approved by AFT, and we are currently engaged in many such issues.

Howard Sandell—wants to remind people there are more than just teachers represented. Nurses could not wear protest shirts. Respects your request, but there are 70-80K more people who can’t take this action.

Kuljit Ahluwalia
New Action—Will there be a conference and workshop for ATRs, and if not, why not?

Amy Arundell—Informational meetings we normally held were held off due to negotiations with DOE. We have have informational meetings for November.

Mike SchirtzerMORE—Art and Design HS—abusive principal—seems directed to go after staff, micromanagement, paperwork, emails on weekends, goes after CLs. DRs response is very good. Other schools hearing about it become demoralized and fearful. What is our public response?

Sec—Will bring up to DOE. Give us your info

Duane Clark
—Been in this school over a year. Principal turnover high. Communication issues between CL and principal. We are pros, and CL has to be pro too. Superintendent doesn’t recognize principal is problem. We have a consistent group, an action plan. I need clarity.

Mike S.
—R and F hears about it, rumors are flying, and there is no public response, Should be one. We need to show how we react.

DC—Principals in need of improvement program. Problems with passive members.

Sterling Roberson—Happy about continued work. Routine visits are happening, conversations are happening. When we talk about scope and size of what’s happening in other schools we need to find how to share these things in real time. Appreciate idea of issues coming forth, wants communication in real Time

Alice O’Neil
—Met with HS Supe for that school for paperwork complaint. Members didn’t wish to upload anything on their system. Only 1/3 of chapter met with me. CL needs to fill out complaint, was filled out perfectly. Problem is no one in chapter had addressed it with new principal. Chapter first has to see remedy. Asking that school participates in committees. Complaint needs to be in writing. 100 members at that school, incredible group, more work to be done,

MS—When members see principals go after CL, creates culture of fear.

DC—CL has to have his act together as well. Are cases where CLs are targeted. For them we need to go in. if they need support we

Arthur GoldsteinMORE—In the Daily News last week there was a piece stating that only 17% of city schools were fully air-conditioned. CTU just negotiated a contract that promised full AC for 2017-2018. We are asked to engage all students. I tried doing that in a third floor room with southern exposure during the sweltering month of September, and I’m 100% certain I could’ve done a better job had there been AC. I’m sure the students would’ve benefited as well.

Two years ago Chancellor Fariña said it was a beautiful day and opened the schools during a blizzard. She said Macy’s was open. I thought about that a lot as I spent four hours driving 23 miles to my home. Using that Macy’s yardstick, every Macy’s I’ve ever entered in the summertime had AC. So I hope we can count on the Chancellor’s support.

I propose we start a conversation with Tweed, those folks who put children first, always, and ask them, now that we’ve finally gotten rid of the last coal furnace, to bring our schools into 2016. Let’s show Tweed that we, the UFT, not Families for Excellent Schools, not Students First NY, are the people who spend every day with the city’s children, and that we, in fact, are the ones who act in their best interests, always. 

Will bring up with health and safety committee

Jonathan HalabiNew Action--What are results of our survey about schools with high turnover?

Sec—will report next meeting.

Ashraya GuptaMORE—Science teacher. Wants to ask about chemical supply closets. Is nightmarish fire hazard. We have ATR lab specialist, who helped us, but when we asked for hazardous materials to be picked up, we came to a standstill. She can’t do anything until we fix this. How can we move forward?

Sec—Send it to me or Ellie Engler.

Ellie Engler—Someone will be there in two days

Helen Rezan—DRs said having survey in June was helpful but not complete. We want to count further.

EE—We’re doing last minute churn data. High rate in all schools.

Report from Districts


Legislative Report

Paul Egan—Great weekend. Had three buses to PA, thanks people, election is in two weeks, polls moving right way. State Senate and Assembly races important. Nassau County Exec. arrested. Could be opportunities.

Special Order of Business

Functional Executive Board Nominations

Mike Schirtzer--MORE—nominates Norm Scott, taught 27 years, was CL, involved in public ed. and this union. Built coalitions, worked with secretaries, paras, parents, continues to work with robotics, at Rockaway Theatre with teachers, coined term ed. deform movement. Norm helped lead this movement that charters did not have best interests of our students at heart. Stood against testing, with opt-out movement. Goes to AFT on own dime, goes to UFT DA, many ask him for help. Knows we are democratic union, welcomes dissent, and Norm offers it from time to time.

Anne Goldman—Nancy Barth Miller, worked with for 20 years, original organizer of nurses, unlike many she chose which union she wanted to be part of. She led successful organizing effort. Went to Supreme Court, kept momentum over 3 year litigation. For last 20 year has participated in negotiation. Participated at city, state and national level. Worked on accreditation for hospitals, helped other locals to understand how to use power of union. Is articulate, brought forth momentum and message of union. Participated in and led strikes. Part of UFT initiative, made us stronger and more efficient.

Sec—Next EB between 5 and 6 there will be a secret ballot. After 6 we will count.

Resolution in Support of the Association of PA State College and University Faculties

Strike was settled--no need for resolution. 



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