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Exec. Board Oct. 30--Observations Now, Observations Forever, the More the Merrier. If You Have a Question for Leadership, Look Up the Answer in Chalkbeat.

Thanks to Mike Schirtzer for taking notes during debate. Apologies to speakers I missed while waiting to speak.

6:00 Howard Schoor welcomes us.


Penny Tuzio, retired, Tottenville HS—intolerable situation by principal. Have written multiple letters. Principal is vindictive. Used to be desirable school. Many teachers left, bullied persecuted. AP SS took mysterious leave for nervous breakdown. At least 5 lawsuits against him. People hired as personal favors do nothing. AP science out of building three days a week, has fake class as do others. Forces new teachers to email him messages of support. Forbids AP s to be friends with teachers. Most senior AP forbidden to observe without henchman of principal. Gives orders to teachers via email at all times. Abuses students. Parents afraid but can’t complain for vindictive nature. Impossible to fail students because test scores count only 25%. Said he admires Hitler for organization. Everyone scared to death. Made staff cry. …

Executive Board Takeaway October 16, 2017---To Junk Science, or Not to Junk Science

There was much to digest at our last Executive Board meeting. I'm going to focus first on the resolution we proposed to oppose the current junk science APPR.

There were arguments presented against it. The primary argument, advanced by Jackie Bennett, was a blatant strawman. A strawman is when you argue against a point your adversary did not make. Bennett argued that we couldn't go back to giving principals 100% control over observations. There are issues with that, the primary being that we urged no such thing. I don't know whether or not Bennett actually read the resolution, but here's what it says verbatim:

Resolved, that UFT will form an evaluation committee that will endeavor to create and propose a rating system that is based on research and practice, as opposed to the system mandated by the current law.
I'm trying to find the part that says we will give 100% authority to principals. Do you see it? Neither do I. It's pretty easy to win an argu…

UFT Executive Board October 16, 2017--We Were Against APPR Before We Were For It

6 PM—Secretary Howard School welcomes us.

We have four speakers—all ATRs.

Aixa Rodriguez—ESL teacher and ATR, rated HE—No vacancies for ESL in Bronx HS—CR Part 154 makes courses double counted so there are no vacancies. Asks that stereotyping FSF, be challenged by UFT. Leads to rampant ageism.

August Leppelmeier—NYT maligned character of ATRs. Very unfair. Most ATRs excessed for downsizing. Somehow city isn’t placing ESL teachers. Those charged have been cleared. If not, they’d be fired. UFT needs to stand by concept that people are exonerated. Expects union to fight in press with ads, speak publicly, use social media. Has been going on since June. We expect more.

Gina Trent—English teacher for 17 years, mostly as ATR. Grateful UFT preserved salary and benefits. However, you should fight for more quality of life issues. Most of my colleagues envy ATR position. Disturbing. Many young people leave with health issues and stress. We need to try to get principals accountable wh…

Call from Mulgrew! Maternity/Parental Leave

Emily James and her colleague Susan Hibdon delivered their petition to Mulgrew Monday night at the UFT executive board meeting. As a result Mulgrew has been in communication with them which you can read below. Please continue to circulate the petition in your chapter and share MORE's position and Emily/Susan's position that UFT ought to negotiate a deal for family leave without any givebacks. The city has the money, they didnt pay out full retro for us like other city unions, and our union is majority women, majority caregivers. Mulgrew has promised that this fight is all our fight and we will win!
We also stand in solidarity with Emily and Susan calling for our union to openly advertise Executive Board meetings, the "open mic" option to address leadership at these meetings, more union transparency, and seek input from our members in the decision making process. Our Executive Board members will continue to be the voice of class-room teachers and school-based educators…