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UFT Executive Board January 22, 2019--We Vote to Financially Support Unpaid Federal Workers

6 PM--Secretary Howard Schoor calls us to order.

Speaker—Mike Loeb—CL 371—Low voter turnout for leadership—Worries that members will continue to pay dues if they’re not voting for leadership. Fewer than 30K voted last time. Says groups that wish ill upon us may use these numbers against us. Says NY State and city have obsolete voter process, and as democratic body UFT should show how to do election appropriately and turn out votes. Resolution was voted out of order because election committee determined rules. Wants to encourage election committee to consider his resolution to send ballots not to homes but to worksites. We do this with contracts. Says many people don’t know about election or think it’s junk mail, or don’t receive ballot. There are other ways to attack problem. Email all members about election. Did this for city and state elections. Can email CLs about election. Can do robocalls. Calls union model of democracy for country.

—We do the emails, and did it…

UFT Executive Board January 7, 2018--We Support LA Teachers and Discuss Election

Secretary Howard Schoor welcomes us..


Betty Godfried—retired Adult ed. CL—After 7 years, Rose Marie Mills has been removed (applause) and is being reassigned. Third time an unsuitable admin has been dismissed in recent years. Only teachers or paras are discontinued. Admin is moved around. Rank and file made these things happen. Current fight was in service and retired members who were victimized.

Ended illegal test procedures, articles published, met with reps, spoke here. Documented activities, will prepare packet. Thanks Schoor for giving it to Mills, thanks Mulgrew for meeting, would’ve liked more support. Carmen Alvarez also supportive. Still long way to go, issues need to be resolved. New superintendent may need guidance. Union may need to negotiate. Thanks teachers for all the work they did, thanks for applause, thanks for those who do listen, says coming here has made a difference.

This ten minute mike one of last bastions of true union democracy. Giving v…