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UFT Executive Board January 22, 2019--We Vote to Financially Support Unpaid Federal Workers

6 PM--Secretary Howard Schoor calls us to order.

Speaker—Mike Loeb—CL 371—Low voter turnout for leadership—Worries that members will continue to pay dues if they’re not voting for leadership. Fewer than 30K voted last time. Says groups that wish ill upon us may use these numbers against us. Says NY State and city have obsolete voter process, and as democratic body UFT should show how to do election appropriately and turn out votes. Resolution was voted out of order because election committee determined rules. Wants to encourage election committee to consider his resolution to send ballots not to homes but to worksites. We do this with contracts. Says many people don’t know about election or think it’s junk mail, or don’t receive ballot. There are other ways to attack problem. Email all members about election. Did this for city and state elections. Can email CLs about election. Can do robocalls. Calls union model of democracy for country.

—We do the emails, and did it last time. Will also send texts. We already signed contract with AAA to take this process forward. Looked into school based balloting, problematic because a caucus filed charges that CLs told members how to vote. Was turned down by Dept of Labor, AFT and others. If we did this could be more charges. Maybe there are better ways we can look at in future.


Resolutions for NYSUT RA approved

Resolution to honor founders of UFT approved

President not here.

Staff Director LeRoy Barr—Successful women’s pre-march last Saturday, thanks all who came. Starting tomorrow through 2/1 UFT will run ad. Will run widely. Showing to us tonight. Used public school teachers in ads. Next DA 2/13 next EB 2/11.

Schoor—Welcomes Anthony Harmon, new Director of Staff, replacing Elly Engler who retired.


Arthur Goldstein—Last week I pointed out that charter schools could request space via a city form, but public schools could not. That’s a gross inequity. My students deserve space every bit as much as students in Moskowitz Academies. You mentioned you would bring this to the chancellor. Have you done so, and if so, what was the result?

Also, I’ve been hearing quite a bit about the new legislation that would no longer mandate state tests to be used in APPR. As you know, high schools were never part of the moratorium. As a result, my colleagues and I are rated on the NYSESLAT, the worst test ever devised by man or beast, which of course is mandated by the geniuses in Albany. Alternatively, I can be rated by my students’ test results on the English Regents exam, which is outlandish since my students, by their very nature, have yet to acquire English.

What is the vision of UFT, and how will it improve options for working teachers? Also, if this bill is passed, how will it specifically change how things are done in high schools?

Schoor—have not yet met with chancellor, believe it will be on agenda at next meeting.

Janella Hinds—Our purpose would be to ensure alignment among all educators. As we are engaging that is our goal moving forward.

Mike Schirtzer—A few of the pro public school opt out groups have come out against bill, arguing it does not decouple evaluation from testing. Why is UFT and NYSUT for bill?

Paul Egan—Coming up for vote tomorrow, they are making calls and so are we. It eliminates state growth model. Eliminates requirement to use state tests for APPR. like Regents or NYSESLAT, will be subject to collective bargaining. Cookie cutter approach doesn’t work everywhere. Current APPR may be used in transition. All teachers may be covered in group measures. No one will have to increase testing, we expect it to go down, not up.

—Same bill that passed Assembly last term.

Egan—Yes. A783 Assembly S1262 Sentate

Schirtzer—Speaker tonight on board for E4E, several locals have taken stand against them, financed by Walton, against tenure, ATRs, what is our stance?

Schoor—Have not taken a position. We oppose some things they do and support others.

Jonathan Halabi—Thanks for seating returned. Reimbursement for nurses—A colleague went to Bronx office and filed grievance. We have over 400 high schools, mostly mini-schools. One benefit is being able to come together and plan. Time to do that is really important. Best time is during Regents week. Once again we’re having teachers sent out of building for grading. Problematic in that we miss much. This is wrong. Schools should grade their own Regents, perhaps not own students, or we could trade with other schools. We’ve gotten nowhere with DOE. When was last time we raised it, who said no? Can’t believe Carranza thinks this makes sense. Who are mid-level bureaucrats blocking this?

Schoor— Came up in contract negotiations, said they would meet.

Janella Hinds—We have met, DOE has a position, we continue to seek a different way. At this point, they are not moving.

Halabi—Who said no?

Hinds—Entire DOE. Don’t know that Carranza agrees. They say NYC has not had a scandal. They are worried about a cheating scandal like Atlanta or DC. We continue to push for pilots. We will continue to press.

Reports from Districts—

Janella Hinds—Pre women’s march breakfast was phenomenal. Pols got to talk with Mulgrew, about obstacles in getting into office.

Legislative report—Paul Egan—Saints got what they deserved. Chelsea lost. Bad weekend. May change. APPR bill will probably come up tomorrow in Senate. Will hopefully pass. 23 people on ballot for public advocate. Will see about endorsement.

March 18 is Lobby Day in Albany. Teachers may be released. Should fill in TRAC form.

Schoor—We supported expansion of voting rights. Where do we stand?

Egan—Some things have passed, others will require constitutional amendment, can take two years. Changed primaries so they are on same day, will be in June so state and city go with federal ones. Public advocate race election is on February 26, and exact same people will have exact same election in June.

NYSUT RA resolutions
, different from those approved.

LeRoy Barr—First is certified school librarians and media specialists—Want to have them at every school in city and state.


Resolution on career and technical education—slight edits—giving sub resolution. Supporting recruitment, certification and retention.


UFT resolution to honor founders

George Altomari—Thanks for remembering past. March 16 is birthday of UFT. Something special about a union that wasn’t given help. We didn’t have power, labor movement developed it, We had collective begging, not collective bargaining. Founders of AFT didn’t act, didn’t put it on the line. Good part of 60s was where people started to wonder what labor was fighting for. 50,000 teachers—what did we want—we knew power had to be taken. Was hard to convince people, because those who had wealth and power didn’t want to give it up.

We knew getting it was one thing, but keeping it was different. We couldn’t have high school teachers against others. We needed solidarity, unity. We got that. On March 16 1960, we merged, We put away things that divided us. Decided we all needed more money, respect, dignity and formed UFT.


Financial support for federal workers without pay

LeRoy Barr—Stands to motivate. Passed resolution in support of govt. employees. This goes further. We will make financial contribution to workers going on missing second paycheck. We will contribute to AFT, which will make sure they got it, and we will put up a contribution link so members can contribute. Asking for support. Fund is AFT AROS.


We are adjourned 6:52


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