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UFT Executive Board April 29, 2019--Adult Ed. in the House, and All About December 23rd

6:02 PM Secretary Howard Schoor welcomes us.

Speaker—Sarah Tyson Adult Ed.—chapter leader—Co workers under terrible burden for almost seven years. Here and seen injustice done by admin. Asks—Do you have our back? A few weeks ago I was in a CL training and I heard the president echo that UFT has our back. I’m wondering today.

Saw sign on subway about consumer and worker protection. We have your back. You say it, yet when I walk in sites and see tears, hear abusive charges. You have our back? I’m wondering.

What does it mean? I have your back. They say UFT is big org. They can do this, and that. Do you have adult ed’s back? It means you’re willing when I call on you, when I cry out. Are you willing and prepared to look out for someone? We want you to have our back, to be there when we call.

We don’t want to hear you brought this on yourself, you should’ve done this or that. We are calling out for help. We need your help. I’m reminded of song, lean on me. It says you just call on me when you need a hand, I will carry you on. Oh how I wish this could happen today and forever, that when we call on you we are not afraid of principal, of bad rating, we want to lean on the UFT. Can we lean on you today, Mr. Barr? We want to lean on you today.

I, the UFT, will help you carry on. We want to serve parents, immigrants, adult ed. Staff wants to carry on, but we need some help. I want someone to say help is on the way. I know this evening that together we are strong. We have to work together. We have to get the job done. Everybody in here has to come together and stop the injustice going on in adult ed.

Mark 24-5 says a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. We want to stand together and have each other’s backs.

Schoor—Will speak to Mr. Barr and see if he’s able to help you.


LeRoy Barr—May 11 middle school 5K run Coney Island. 50th Albert Shanker ceremony Tuesday May 14 I million in scholarships. Spring Conference May 18. DA May 22. EB May 6.


Arthur Goldstein—I should know better, but I’m still amazed at the DOE’s consistent indifference to teachers, students, and city resources. I can’t determine whether they act out of spite or stupidity so I’ll split the difference and assume it’s both.

High schools come back to work one day in June, after all the tests are over and all the grades are in. We come in and pretend students will show up. Evidently one day a year with few to no students is not sufficient for Bloomberg’s minions at the DOE, so this year they want us to come in Monday the 23rd of December. Teachers are going to be very lonely on that day. I’ll also point out that there are fewer holidays than this year or last, so there was absolutely no need to do that. It’s so stupid, in fact, that even Bloomberg’s DOE has never done it before.

Every teacher knows you can’t introduce anything new that day. Every teacher knows you can’t give a test, or even review one that day. Every teacher knows that whatever you do that day will have to be repeated some other day when students are actually present,. Maybe it will be a good day for sadistic Boy Wonder administrators looking to squeeze in a gratuitous negative observation. Maybe DOE is doing a happy dance over that, but we can do better than that for teachers and students.

There are four snow days next year. Aside from Sandy, we’ve never taken four snow days. Based on 30 years of precedent, people have already booked trips for this week. This feels like we’re giving something back and it needs to be fixed. Last time I looked, the school calendar was not the Ten Commandments. Is there any chance someone can talk sense to Tweed on this? I’ve seen the chancellor a few times, and he appears to be not insane.

Evelyn de Jesus
—On the case. Not DOE but NYSED. Commissioner started this. DOE and UFT agree. Trying to get it together. Have Regents meeting and we will be fighting that.

Schoor—SED said not only do you need days, but also hours.

De Jesus—What happens is commissioner doesn’t want to include passing time. Pressuring DOE. We are working on that. She feels we have to make it up.

Mike Schirtzer—Can you follow up on PD counting to CTLE?

De Jesus—We are. As you know we have professional learning teams, which will talk to PD teams, trying to work that out, and A plus, and you will get a report.

Jonathan Halabi—With BETA in Bronx, have we been able to deal with principal issues?

Eliu Lara
—Working together—principal has complied with most issues.

Halabi—Diversity resolution—issue in all of our high schools. Do we have date?

Janella HInds
—not yet.

Halabi—If we can’t fix 23rd, could I assume that we would ask to waive PD requirement day before vacation.

—Article 6C part of contract. We have to try and resolve this, will cross if we come to it.

Duane Clark—moment of silence for Martin Plotkin, math teacher, DR. Was my mentor, staunch unionist. Held a funeral for education under Giuliani, drew thousands to demonstrate what he believed in. Will be sorely missed. Fought against injustice, greatest guy you’d ever know.

Pat Filomeno
—Also rises to ask for Vince Scaglioni, who writes, he was rock solid human being and union rep. Worked in best interests of members in very tough times. Gentle and generous person will be missed.

Michael Mulgrew—Calendar—Issue is they are "adhering to contract"--that's the nicest way I can say it. Reason you would never open on Monday is it makes no sense. We do not agree. There is ongoing problem with commissioner. At first they weren’t even covering Passover. We said this makes no sense. We will go and deal with problem in Albany. I don’t know if it will work. We are very upset about it. They should’ve fixed it. They are adhering to contract, have legal right.

Thanks SI office for Jeanine C. funeral. Was good to see communities.

Meeting with CEC president tonight. Talk about raising charter cap. We’re not having it. I will discuss this with CEC parents. We want to take away their free rent, we want transparency and accountability. We will push through rest of legislative session. NYSUT RA at end of week. Always gets interesting. We love our brothers and sisters across the state.

Hope you got well-deserved time off.

Reports from districts

David Kazansky—Living a life in Jewish politics May 9th, will be at 4 PM on 19th floor. Please attend.

Evelyn de Jesus—100 scholars won scholarships Saturday, discussed Puerto Rico, many seniors want to be teachers. Parade not just parade, about these scholarships. We hosted them and did workshops.

Tammy Miller—Saturday May 11 6th annual childcare providers ceremony. 6:15 start.

Doreen Berrios—Secretary CL—Thanks for permission to go to SRP conference. Event led by Shelvy Abrams. Great workshops.

George Altamari—Wants to ask we take calendar posters for labor history month.

Howard Sandel—tomorrow night kicks off celebration for nurses’ week. Please stop by from 6-9.

Arthur Goldstein--Two weeks ago we had the Team High School Awards, right in this room, and it looked a lot better than it does now. Everything was in a dark purple light. I brought several people from my school and we all had a great time. The chancellor gave a great speech, from a teacher's point of view. It was a great event. Looking forward to the next one.

Legislative report—Liz Perez—At last DA endorsed Farah Lewis. Doing phone banks, flyers, meetings. She knows what city council is about, opposes charters. Priorities housing, education and equity. Knows the system. Would be great person to have considering term limits. will protect us and our children. Please volunteer. Please call Brooklyn office and help. We start May 1st.

UFT Election ReportAmy Arundell—Two weeks ago had count, April 18. In folders are results. Preliminary. Unity slate won. Waiting for full report.

—Will vote on official report. Will come in soon. Will accept or not.

We are adjourned. 6:39.


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